• NQ Scalper

    Our STM NQ Scalper is the best module for the everday trade. The NQ offers the best day trading range and is a great symbol to build confidence

  • STM Scalper Templates

    Hit your Daily and Weekly goals faster with more confidence trading with odds. Our system is built to give you wave to wave odds that will change the way you approach the markets

  • STM Condition Chart

    The STM Condition Chart templates give us the true condition of the market. The best trades on the Scalper charts will always in when the higher time frame condition is in agreement. In our opinion most trades lose because they do not understand the condition of the markets

  • STM Alerts

    STM_Alerts give you specific major and minor resistance levels for each day. We track the NQ,TF and ES on a daily basis. We have been known to catch the highs and lows of the day, within ticks if not the exact point. For only $39 a month it is a easy decision to try us out, and see if it is right for you


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