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Starting tomorrow we are holding a three day webinar where we will look at the x3 Futures Day Trading System and the Scorpion Scalper Day Trading System. This will be a three day event starting tomorrow at 9:15am EST.

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The Scorpion system is designed for the smaller account trading one contract with tight stops. Today the scorpion made $350 on TF and $330 on NQ.

The x3 Day Trading System is designed to hold for bigger waves trading two contracts or more.

Tomorrow we will look at current market conditions and break down the markets into our day trading systems.

See everyone tomorrow!


Modeling Top Traders – Free Webinar

Modeling Top Traders

The Heart & Mastery of a Trader


This Webinar is about what it takes to produce the heart of a trader in order to become a master trader.

In This Webinar Adrienne Will Discuss:


  • What you do not need to become a top trader
  • The journey of several traders who became master traders and what they had in common
  • An overall view of the qualities necessary to become a top trader
  • The characteristics of the heart of a master trader
  • What it takes to have True Grit in maintaining trading success



Adrienne Toghraie, a Trader’s Coach, is an internationally recognized authority in the field of human development for the financial community.  Her 13 books on the psychology of trading including, The Winning Edge 1-4 and Traders’ Secrets, have been highly praised by financial magazines.  Adrienne’s public seminars and private counseling have achieved a wide level of recognition & popularity, as well as her television appearances & keynote addresses at major industry conferences.


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Free Live Room Sign Up

Hello Traders,


We have made five hours of our premium training available for everyone to see. Right now in the market is when you need clear, straight to the point plan of attack with proven rules. We use our X90 WaveRider day trading templates for our entry and exit, all while confirming the condition of the market with our higher time frame wave to wave rules.

As a bonus we are also opening our live trade room for everyone for one week. This will start next week July 22nd to the 26th. Please note that there is a seat limit to our room so it is important to register now to lock in your seat.

The live room is where our prop traders use firms’ capital to trade the X90 day trading system.  We trade CL, NQ, TF and YM for daily and weekly income.

Click here to see the X90 WaveRider book $1500 on CL. Below the first video you can sign up to get access to five hours of training videos plus the invitation to join our live room next week for free!

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Live Room Link + Recap


Hello Traders,

Thank you all for your patience this morning while we changed meeting room providers due to technical issues.  Please be sure to register at the link below to receive your entry link for tomorrow.

Please register for Next Level Futures Trading-Live Demo on Jun 25, 2013
6:15 AM PDT at:

You can also check out the 1 hour recording from today using the link below:

Recap of CL and TF plus the outlook for tomorrow:


See you in the room tomorrow!






X90 Live Room Starts Tomorrow!

Join us for a one week live trading room event where we will look at the X90 day trading system. We will also explain how the Prop Firm works. If you have ever wanted to trade for a trading firm now is the chance to join us live and learn more.

We have been working on the Prop Firm and X90 trading system for over a year. We have tested the system over the last five months with live traders and the results are outstanding. This is a limited event in that the prop firm will only be taking ten traders at this time. You are receiving this email now because you have been part of Sean or Don’s trading group in the past.
A email will go out each night with the room link for the following day. It is important to be on the correct email list so you receive the email with the link for Tuesday. Click here to go to the page with the sign up form to join the correct mailing list. Below is the link to use to register for Mondays room.


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PS. Make sure you sign up for both the mailing list and Mondays live room.

Free Webinar Traders Expo #12

Sean is presenting this week at the Traders World Online Expo #12. The webinar will be available all week.

This Expo #12 joins 45 top trading experts together with active traders looking for trading strategies & specific recommendations to help them profit in the markets and will be held online.

This event gives you optimal exposure to Trading Techniques, Technical Analysis and Market Strategies from 45 expert speakers. You’ll learn the very latest tools and high-tech trading technologies from 45 market industry veterans. This is all online and you are able to make comments and ask the speakers questions.

Register FREE at

Once you register you will find the videos for this week. We are located in line 15.

Sean talks about using the condition of the chart with major and minor waves. He also breaks it down to the STM templates for day trading.

Happy Trading,

Free Live Room Nov5th


Join Justin in the live room tomorrow NOV5th at 915am EST and watch him trade the STM templates.

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AAPL & Market Update Video-

This coming week is going to be very important for the markets. AAPL is sitting on the 200 day Moving Average, and the markets are now in major support. Click the link to see the video –



Free Webinar Recording OCT25th


October 25th Live Trading



Join Sean  today at 4:15pm EST as he teaches why labeling the waves major and minor is crucial to your trading success. It does not matter what time frame you are trading the rules are the same. This means Swing Traders, Options Traders and Scalpers will all benefit from this live event.

Sean will cover the Scalping The Markets scalper templates and condition chart templates. Learn how to filter your entries with the higher time frame to get the best odds for your day trades.

Sean will also cover where the major markets are now and where they are heading.

Seats are limited so please register now and join Sean at 4:15pm EST today!

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Another great day for scalping the markets. Join us tomorrow for live trading and a look inside the STM methodology.

Join Justin tomorrow OCT 26th : Live Room Sign-Up


October 23rd Live Trades and Wednesday’s Room Sign-Up


Here are 3 of my trades today using the STM methodology.

Join us in the live demonstration room tomorrow if you’re free.